I have been working with Introtema team for more than seven years. Inteotema is a highly professional institution with a team that follows up, supports, and always ready to reply. We have been able to work with tens of books till now. Introtema team is not only our business contacts but they are a family to us.



Introtema (ex-Akdem) was a lucky chance for us at Eksmo rights team during the pandemic. When the whole world seemed to stop, Introtema team discovered a new market for us. We are very happy to be represented so efficiently, and our titles are in good hands. Always here and super-speedy to answer all possible questions, professional team of Introtema are those we can trust in each and every step of rights business.



We actively began working with the Introtema Agency (formerly Akdem Agency) team in 2020. Throughout our collaboration, they played a significant role in effectively promoting both our adult and children’s books abroad. The agency’s team displayed an impactful, sincere, and trustworthy communication style, coupled with a solution-oriented approach, which resulted in noticeable success during this period. We believe that in the upcoming phase, our work will continue with the same enthusiasm, and just as before, our books will reach dozens of languages and countries. We take great pleasure in collaborating with a team that genuinely strives for our fictional, narrative, and children’s literary texts to transcend from local to global. We also want to share our keywords for Introtema Agency with you: Sincerity, Trust, Professionalism, Intellectual Accumulation, Enthusiasm, Solution.



As Timaş Publications, we have been working in harmony with Introtema for years, expanding our business volume with each passing period. Introtema, with its extensive field knowledge in particular regarding copyright sales, rapid operational skills, and professional working competence, significantly contributes to Timaş’s mission of becoming a global publisher.