Muhammed Ağırakça graduated from Marmara University's Faculty of Theology in 2001, marking the beginning of his academic journey. He then pursued his Master's degree, which he successfully completed in 2004, followed by his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Theology, Institute of Social Sciences, Marmara University, which he completed in 2010. From 2001 to 2007, Ağırakça served as a dedicated teacher and administrator in various high schools within the Ministry of National Education. In 2008, he assumed the role of an administrator in the Directorate of Foreign Relations of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, where he contributed his expertise. Since 2009, Ağırakça has held the position of General Manager at Akdemistanbul Language Center. At the same time, he is the General Coordinator of International Arabic Competitions. His involvement in numerous educational, publishing and consultancy projects with the Arab world has given him a wealth of experience and insight. In particular, Ağırakça serves as the esteemed coordinator of the International Istanbul Arabic Book Fair and the International Istanbul Publishing Professional Meetings. In 2018, Ağırakça established Akdem Copyright and Translation Agency, which recently underwent a rebranding and is now recognised as Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency, effective from 2023. This venture is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the world of copyright and translation services.


In 2016, he graduated from the Department of International Relations and Public Relations at the International University of Sarajevo. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in the Department of Turkish Revolution History at Marmara University's Turkish Studies Institute. Petek, who took his first steps into the publishing industry in 2016, began working as a Director at Akdem Copyright and Translation Agency, now operating as Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency since December 2018. Petek, who is actively involved in organizing various programs both domestically and internationally to enhance the recognition and global presence of Turkish publishing, has also been coordinating and serving as a member of the selection committee for the International Istanbul Publishing Professional Meetings since 2018.


In 1999, Ayşenur graduated from Baghdad University, Department of Biology. In 2014 -2017 she completed her Master's degree at Sakarya University. She speaks Arabic and Turkish fluently and has an intermediate knowledge of English. From 2003 to 2005 she worked as an Arabic teacher in schools in Saudi Arabia, from 2009 to 2010 she worked in Yardımeli Association, from 2017 to 2021 she worked as an Arabic teacher in Koran courses, from 2021 to 2022 she worked as an Arabic teacher in Şeyh Şamil Imam Hatip Secondary School. Since September 2022, she has been working as a Foreign Copyright Officer at Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency.


In 2018, she graduated from the Graphic Design department at Doğuş University. She worked as a freelancer for a considerable period of time. Throughout this period, she had the chance to improve herself, acquire certifications, and gain diverse experiences. In March 2023, her career path converged with Introtema. In June, she took charge of organizing the 8th Istanbul Publishing Fellowship program and managing its social media aspect. Currently, at Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency, she continues her career as a Graphic Design and Social Media Specialist.


In 2011, Gulnara came to Türkiye to study. In 2016 she graduated from the International Relations Department of Giresun University. She worked in different companies operating in the international arena after graduation. She has participated in international projects and events in the publishing industry since 2021. She works for Introtema as a copyright agent for post-Soviet countries. She speaks Turkish, Russian and English.


Hediye graduated from the Faculty of Theology at Istanbul University in the year 2021. She speaks English, intermediate level Arabic and beginner level Urdu. For a short time she worked as a pre-school teacher in a kindergarten affiliated to the Presidency of Religious Affairs. She then went on to work in a foundation in Süleymaniye, Istanbul. She is currently working at Introtema Agency as a copyright agent.


Kübra graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. She held positions in the private sector as a manager, responsible for financial matters, and coordinator of administrative affairs. She now coordinates the Translation Department at Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency.


Mirhan Petek graduated with honours from the Department of English Language Education at Hacettepe University. He started working as a translator at the age of 13 as an amateur and volunteer translator and became a professional translator at the age of 18. To date, he has translated and published two books. At the moment, he is working as a copyright agent in the Introtema Agency.


Saliha graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University in 2022. She has been working as a volunteer teacher of the Arabic language and the education of values in different foundations. She is currently working as an archive and newsletter officer at Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency while continuing her volunteer work.


In 2005, Akif graduated from the Department of History Education at Marmara University. In 2007, he received his Master's degree with his thesis entitled "History Education as a Tool for Citizen Education: The Case of Trabzon-Tunceli". In 2013, he successfully completed his PhD with a thesis entitled "The Role of History Perception in the Construction of Individual and Collective Identities". Akif Pamuk is actively involved in the ecological movement and philosophy, focusing on civil society and emphasising the importance of interacting with different identities. He believes in the importance of creating tangible examples to promote a more inclusive society. Akif has been a member of the Us Workshop Philosophy Group since 2004 and a founder and volunteer of the Yeryüzü Foundation since 2009. Believing that an individual's life and worldview are intertwined, Akif Pamuk sees social sciences as essential tools for understanding social reality. He has written numerous articles and book chapters on topics such as historiography, history education, identity, citizenship and postmodernism. He has also edited several books on history and education published by Yeni İnsan Publishing House. In particular, he has edited a book commemorating the centenary of Constitutional Monarchy II and an oral history book entitled "Children of War and Migration: Arnavutköy in the Voice of the Past". Currently, Akif works as a lecturer at Marmara University and as a consultant at Introtema Copyright and Translation Agency.