Introtema Copyrights and Translation Agency announced its new identity with a launch event on March 17. Having worked diligently since 2018, the agency successfully concluded 2023, which is considered a significant milestone for them.

Introtema sold the rights to 730 books in 40 countries and 37 different languages within a year. Throughout the year, the agency participated in numerous book fairs and fellowship events around the world, solidifying its presence in the global publishing industry. Introtema attended prestigious events such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair, and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. At these fairs, they strengthened existing connections and established new partnerships.

Additionally, Introtema organized various events, including the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship. The Istanbul Publishing Fellowship stood out as a significant event, bringing together publishers from around the world to promote cultural exchange and collaboration. This organization contributed to the increased visibility of the Turkish publishing sector on an international scale and reinforced Introtema’s position in the industry.

Throughout 2023, Introtema’s translation projects, alongside their copyright sales, garnered significant attention. The agency, known for its high-quality translations and wide range of languages, facilitated the introduction of numerous works into different languages. In this process, Introtema collaborated closely with both authors and publishers to ensure that the works were effectively and accurately conveyed to different cultures.

With these achievements in 2023, Introtema Copyrights and Translation Agency has elevated its aspirations and goals for the future. The agency aims to replicate similar successes in the coming years and to secure an even stronger position in the international publishing world.