• Ana sayfa
Ekran Görüntüsü (545)

Building on last year’s achievements, Introtema Agency once again took on the organization of the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship, making a significant impact in the international publishing world. Coordinated by the Turkish Publishers Association and focusing on Mexico as the guest country this year, the program was held from March 6-8, 2024, at the Rami Library in Istanbul. The event attracted considerable attention, with 383 publishers and agencies participating from around the globe.

The Istanbul Publishing Fellowship program stands out as an annual event that facilitates three days of B2B meetings for copyright exchange. This year, in its 9th edition, the program hosted participants from 62 different countries, playing an important role in fostering strong relationships among international publishers and agencies and promoting cultural exchange.

Having taken on the role of the main organizer for the first time in 2023, Introtema Agency successfully organized the program again this year, highlighting its significance once more. Throughout the event, participants had the opportunity to meet and conduct business, leading to the initiation of new collaborations and projects.

The Istanbul Publishing Fellowship program provides publishers and agencies with the opportunity to come together, conduct business, exchange copyrights, and share industry innovations. This year’s program saw the birth of many new collaborations and projects thanks to the B2B meetings held among the participants. These meetings not only encouraged cultural exchange among publishers but also helped establish strong relationships in the international publishing sector.

Mexico, chosen as the focus country for the program, added a unique flavor to the event. Mexican publishers had the chance to showcase their works and do business with publishers from other countries. This facilitated the broader international reach of Mexican culture and literature.

The 9th Istanbul Publishing Fellowship program, organized by Introtema Agency, was a resounding success. With participation from 383 publishers and agencies from 62 countries, the event facilitated meaningful exchanges and collaborations in the publishing world. Selecting Mexico as the guest country added a unique dimension to the program, enriching the cultural experience for all attendees. Introtema Agency aims to continue fostering international cooperation and cultural exchange through similar initiatives in the future, reinforcing its commitment to the global publishing industry.